RBSM Virtual Workshop Volume 2 - Hiring & Firing

Claudia St. John will lead participants through the RBSM Volume 2 manual - Hiring & Firing.

The success or failure of building service professionals depends in a very great measure on the quality of their people. It is employees who essentially deliver a company’s service and value to its clients. The significance of selecting and hiring good people, effectively training and directing their performance, and in unavoidable circumstances, terminating, cannot be overemphasized.  This volume will:

  1. Identify effective recruiting methods;
  2. List guidelines for preparing job descriptions;
  3. Identify effective methods of screening job applicants;
  4. List criteria for selecting the most qualified job applicants; 
  5. Define the “at-will” employment relationship and explain how it is established;
  6. Help you establish realistic and achievable performance standards and effective performance appraisal systems;
  7. Outline how employee discipline and termination should be handled, and 
  8. Identify measures to prevent claims of discrimination or wrongful discharge throughout the employment process.


RBSM Volume 2 - Hiring & Firing
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.