Bidding and Estimating Online Course

This four-part course will help you cover the key aspects of bidding and estimating. 

Part One: Production Rates – In part one, you will learn about the formulas and variables that affect production rates. This will include, but is not limited too, tasks that are normal for a commercial building and the amount of area that is defined in square footage.

Part Two: Applying Production Rates – now that you know what production rates are, apply this to your daily work life, also known as workloading. Workloading is applying developed production rates to a building, which will determine the amount of labor necessary to perform the specified cleaning.

Part Three: Request for Proposals (RFP) – RFP’s have become a commonplace within the industry. While all RFP’s can be slightly different, our subject matter experts (SME’s) suggest that your RFP process follows like so: receive, review and then respond. The SME’s have provided several hands-on examples that require you to complete while following the online course along.

Part Four: Job Costing – The big question is, how much will this cost? Job costing is a method of recording the costs of the job rather than the process. Walk through another example of how this process is calculated and how you then can apply this to your company.


Bidding and Estimating
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.
Live Viewing: No credits available and certificate available
Live Viewing: No credits available and certificate available